Survey Savvy

I just added survey savvy to the list. This site has impressed me with the surveys they have offered and the extra perks they have. They have taken the multi-level marketing approach to the survey system. Most of the survey companies try to inundate you with as many survey's as possible some of which you may not qualify for often. Survey Savvy sends you surveys that are high paying and relevant to you. They don't have them that often but whenever I see an E-Mail from them I know there is a good survey waiting for me. The last few surveys that I took with them were for $5 dollars and I got to do a product test. Product test surveys are by far my favorite, this time it was for body wash for a brand that I already enjoyed using. I also love that they reward you for referring friends and if you have a friend such as me who takes surveys almost every day, you get rewarded for that. I think that is great idea, I tell all my friends and family to sign up for survey sites, I might as well make a few extra dollars for it. I added them to my favorite list, I must admit that I put my personal link on there. So if you do decide to sign up for Survey Savvy, please click on my link and help me build my survey referrals. Thanks so much. Enjoy.

A Paper Towel Survey

I have gotten a bit lazy with my surveys the last few months with work being so crazy. All it took was a little motivation and now I am back on the money making bandwagon. I was lucky enough to get a $75 survey the other day, it came in an amazon gift card form so it wasn't cash but nonetheless $75. All I had to do was log in and blog a little bit about some local bars I go to for a few days. Very little effort, when it is all said and done It took me about an hour. This survey motivated me to start taking the smaller $1 and $2 dollar ones again, and I just got another great product test survey. I got a paper towel survey just in time before I needed to head to the market to get myself some more paper towels. Even though they only cost $5 dollars I just love being able to get everyday needed household items for free and get paid for it. It is really motivating and I have been able to make over 40 dollars in the last 4 days just being motivated while I am at work. I take every minute of downtime on my work computer and do as many surveys as possible. My Survey and Opinion Outpost have been paying me the most this month. Who couldn't use and extra $10 bucks a day. Gotta love the best surveys on the internet.

How Work At Home is Possible With Multiple Income Streams

When people look into work at home opportunities, most people look into just one income stream. This is a quite normal as most people have grown up and they work one job in order to make money. People get used to putting in 40 hours a week for a job and getting paid for it. With the advancement of internet work over the last 15 years many people are finding multiple ways to earn an income online. Just today I read an article on about the top 6 jobs available to work on a tropical island. All of these jobs are internet work at home based jobs. The article talked a lot about different careers in SEO, affiliate marketing, web design, all of the majors on the internet. I thought what was funny was how the article did not mention that almost every person who makes a career on the internet mixes all of these careers into one. I for one started out working in the internet by doing paid market research and surveys. I started to learn affiliate marketing, SEO, web design and all of the tools that are necessary to make an internet business work. I was able to start delivering multiple streams of income from various different sources. I was earning money from taking daily surveys online, I was earning money from writing articles for SEO, I was earning money on personal websites that I had developed, and I was earning money with affiliate marketing. I do not think I would have been able to survive if I was only focusing on one of these fields. I do feel like there is value in being able to consider yourself an expert in one field, but I think there is much more value in being able to consider yourself good in all fields and becoming an expert over time. I tried never to focus too much time on article writing, web design, or online survey taking. I would switch back and forth from all of these tasks daily until I was earning a small income from all of them. Earning a small income from all of them started to turn into me earning a large income from all of them combined and I found myself earning a living at home. If you are interested in becoming a member of the best online survey panels, I have put a list together at my site. If you are interested in work from home opportunities take a look at my other site Good luck to started your online career.

Online Surveys – How to Spot the Good Ones

Online surveys are not all created equal. Some paid surveys will take you 30 minutes to take and will pay you only 50 cents and some will take 5 minutes and pay you $50 dollars. There is no guaranteed way to see exactly how much money you will make. A majority of online surveys that I take are sent to me through my E-Mail. Most of these emails will say in the subject or message line how much the survey pays and what the expected length of time for the survey will be. At first I always ignored surveys that were very low paying and only took the ones that paid big bucks. I would be constantly deleting many survey opportunities. I started to notice a trend that all the really high paying surveys would be filled up really quickly, so unless you started the survey right away, often they would not be looking for any more opinions. I started to take the smaller paying surveys and then I noticed the trend that has been the reason I have made so much money doing this. The companies will offer a small amount of money, and after you fill out the survey, they will offer you a second survey which will be the big money surveys. After I noticed this I started to take all of the smaller money surveys and now I know exactly how to get the best ones. I have noticed that the ones that say they only are going to take 5 minutes or less are the best ones. These are the best because they will ask you a few quick screening questions and they almost always prompt you in the end for a big money opinion survey, or a paid product test survey. I think paid product test surveys are the highest paying because they usually require you to give your home address and then take a follow up survey after you have used the product. They usually will dangle a good amount of money in front of you to prevent you from just getting the product for free and never taking the follow up survey. For the market research company the follow up survey is the most important part of the whole process so you can be assured that they definitely are going to pay you big money at the end of the survey. Another good thing about taking the quick 5 minute surveys is you will start to notice that once you are signed up with enough panels you can start to make good money even taking 50 cent surveys. Most of the surveys say they take between 15 – 25 minutes, but I assure you I can knock out a 25 minute survey in about 5 – 7 minutes. It’s not that I don’t read the questions; it’s just that I have been doing this every day for a while and the layouts of the survey all end up looking the same. Once you know the layout of the survey you can easily take it fast. Hope this helps. If you are looking for a good survey panel take a look at my website and blog at Happy survey taking.

Getting Cash to Use Free Stuff

Let me start by talking about myself for a second. I am a work at home entrepreneur and I have been doing market research, online surveys, and work at home opportunities for quite some time. I am one of those people that followed through on the ad “get cash for a survey” and now I get paid every single day in both money and free products. I have been doing this for years and I just want to talk about what I have got this week and what offers have been put on my table. Today is October 12th 2011, and I could have just as easily have been writing this in 2005. I have been taking surveys online and been getting paid for more than 6 years. Well enough about me and onto what I was going to talk about. Once you are a member of a few survey panels, the good ones, you will start to get daily emails (if you wish) or you will start logging into your survey companies sites daily. Every day you will get offered about 5 to 20 surveys with cash offer rewards. Some of these surveys will be worth 50 cents, some 5 dollars, some $100. It really depends on the scope of the survey, whether it is just for your opinion, or whether you have to sign up for a car insurance quote. Every survey is different and the scope of what you will be paid depends on this. I fill out every survey possible as this is something that has become a daily routine for me and is part of my overall business plan. Today I filled out a survey regarding my shopping habits and the products that I use. In particular it was about soap and body washes and whether I use them. I answered honestly as I always do, and the company that was putting on the survey seemed to think that I was the right candidate for an upcoming test. I still do not know exactly what I will be testing but from my past experiences I can tell you exactly what is going to happen. I am going to get a bottle of body wash sent to me in the mail and I will be instructed to use it for two weeks. Good thing I am almost out of my current body wash saves me a trip to the drug store. I get paid 50 cents for taking the initial screening survey, I will be sent a 5 dollar bottle of body wash, and then I will be paid usually about 5 dollars to fill out my opinion at the end of the trial. This is a perfect example of what happens ALL the time when you are an active member of the survey and market research community. This is a common occurrence for me and I always love to tell people a great fun way to make extra money, or if you take it serious a very substantial amount of extra income in your pocket. If you read this and are interested I have my top 10 favorite websites listed at my website and blog, Happy survey Taking.

When Was Your Last $100 Survey?

If you have been looking into doing online surveys for money than surely you have come across lots of junk incent websites and lots of low paying surveys. I have been doing online surveys for years and I have developed my own system for how to filter through the good stuff and the bad stuff. I was filling out a 50 cent survey the other day, it took me about 2 or 3 minutes, it was about how often I shop for grocery items and where I shop for them. I finished the survey and got one of the best messages you can get at the end of the survey if you have been doing this a while. They ask you if you would be interested in completing another survey and they offer you a very large amount. This survey happened to be that they were going to send me an ipod with some survey software on it. The survey consists of me putting in the ipod each time that I go to the grocery store and put what I buy into it. They are going to compensate me $100 dollars for this. This is not a bad payday, and trust me I get surveys like this ALL the time and make a pretty decent living doing this. I am members of many survey panels and some of my favorites are my survey, survey spot, and NPD. I belong to many more panels but these are three of my most highly recommended ones. I also am a big fan of a company Survey Revenue System that will give you training, hints and tips, and a comprehensive list of survey companies globally. This is not a gimmick or something special, these surveys are honest and I fill out the truth in these surveys. I do not lie and the survey companies know this and appreciate my input. I get rewarded by being invited often to take surveys. I am not going to lie, I do receive some occasional junk mail that I am sure can be attributed to this, but my Gmail account has great spam filters and I use a single email for all the survey companies I belong too so it does not mix with my business or personal email. This is the first tip that I give to all people that I help get involved with survey for cash websites. I take these surveys daily and I love to update my blog on my website with all the good surveys that I take. I maintain my blog and my top survey site list at my personal website you can find all of the sites that I personally recommend and the ones that I use for opinion surveys, personal shopping, mystery shopping, and market research. If you are skeptical, yahoo and Google have great free e-mail services. Sign up for a new survey only email, sign on to these sites and start making cash. I promise you, you will never stop if you like money. Happy survey taking.

How Much is 20 Minutes a Day Worth To You

I often ask people how much is 20 minutes a day worth to them. The most often answer I get is 1/3rd of what their hourly wage would is. I usually follow up this conversation with what they do for a living. After we chat for a bit I tend to find out what their daily job is. My first and foremost question is always, do you work with a computer on a daily basis? Usually the response back to me is yes, I work on my computer doing blah, etc…. I usually say do you often have days where there is some down time and your able to do internet browsing, checking your favorite websites, reading e-mail etc…? Usually most people will say, yes I do have some free time at work. I always then ask if they have ever learned, or know about the different types of ways to make extra income on the internet. This is where I start to talk about how you can generate money with a website, take online surveys for cash, read emails for money, type for money, and all the different types of easy work that are available to the average consumer on the internet. I usually mention my history of working in customer service for a hotel for years and how I used to take free online paid surveys daily while I was at the front desk dealing with customers. I was lucky enough to have a job that had some downtime in between helping customers and I was able to take online surveys and learn all about how to make extra income on the internet. I branched out from surveys over time, but online paid surveys was the starting point for me. Many years later I am an entrepreneur and no longer have to deal with customer complaints at a job where I was underpaid, overworked and underappreciated. I now have a job where the work I put in I get back equal results. If I want to be very productive one day, I will be, If I want to be lazy, I can be that as well. The reason I mention this Is that it is generally the goal of most people that I have come across, start your own business and be your own boss. I always tell people it started for me asking myself, what was 20 minutes a day worth to me. I used to think $7, $10 $25 at a job was the answer, I know now that multiple streams of income are the only way to make that 20 minutes a day increase substantially. My first multiple stream of income came from my hourly wage at the hotel, and the $20-$25 dollars a day extra I would make on my free time taking online surveys for about 20 different survey panels. Some of the survey panels would give me $10 - $15 dollars a day and some of them would give me 25 cents. I would take as many as possible and I averaged $20-$25 a day. It was online survey’s that gave me the courage and know how to become an entrepreneur. I wish you the best of luck with your job and career, and remember 20 minutes is worth more than you can imagine if you spend it right.

Survey Taking

I just got one of my articles published. Take a look and read it over and let me know how you feel about it. I am passionate about surveys and would love the input.!&id=6491325 Ah, the daily grind, there is nothing like it. You wake up, you go to work, you go to bed, you wake up, you go to work. Does this sound like you? Does it feel like you never have enough money? Well good thing I am about to tell you some simple yet amazing ways to put a few extra bucks in your pocket. If you are one of the lucky people that gets to sit in front of a computer all day at work, then this is for you. Making money on the internet is very easy. You can start your own website, work for people, write articles, etc... however I am focusing on TAKING SURVEYS. I have been taking surveys on the internet for years and have made thousands of dollars in my spare time. You have no idea how much companies are willing to pay to people for their opinions on products. An example would be they want the opinion about a new razor campaign directed at men between 25-34, or a new women's deodorant directed at women between 30 - 49. For 10 minutes of your time taking a survey a company will pay you anywhere between $1 and $15 dollars. Usually the $1 dollar ones are shorter than the $15 dollar ones. There are surveys out there that they will send products to your house to try and there are ones that they just want your opinions. The criterion for these is varied but usually they are just looking for your demographic. They usually start out with a few qualifier questions, like your age, ethnicity, sex, and occupation. Certain surveys they are not looking for people who work in the industry so you may be disqualified from a few due to not being in there target demographic. This is a great thing to do from home or at work in any spare time. They can be fun as well asking intriguing questions and it lets you give companies your honest opinion about there product. My personal favorites are the companies that send you a product to try and then ask for your opinion on it. You can usually bankroll a quick $10 or $15 dollars and your able to try a new product and give your opinion. I have personally done ones on toothpaste, cereal, deodorant, shaving blades, t-shirts and many more. This is one of the easiest ways to get some extra cash in your pocket and there are tons of these services all over the internet. Some offer only paid surveys, while others offer both paid and unpaid surveys. I personally am not a big fan of the unpaid surveys, so I only choose to do the paid ones. Have fun killing time and making money Article Source: