Q: Why would they pay for my opinion?
A: Companies need the input with the consumer and they want to make sure the people testing or giving input on their product or service are dedicated. What better way than to pick people who have actively decided to join a survey company as there testing market. They are able to actively get the correct demographic for their product and they are happy to pay a small fee to a few hundred or few thousand people to get a good variety of opinions.

Q: How do you qualify for paid surveys?
A: Everyone technically qualifies for paid surveys. The companies are looking for people in all walks of life, sometimes they are looking for females 18-30 in the South and sometimes they are looking for males 30-54 in the Northwest. It depends on the product or opinion they are looking for. Sometimes you fit their match, and sometimes you don't. Don't give up there are surveys for all different types of people from all different backgrounds.

Q: Aren't paid surveys scams?
A: I often hear this, and wonder where everyone hears this from, or if they have actually ever signed up for a website. A majority of them are free to join, and if you don't enjoy it they are extremely easy to unsubscribe. It is not free money, each survey requires time to fill out and often you are not the demographic they are looking for so you will be disqualified. They will pay you for your time, simple as that.

Q: How much can I be expected to be paid?
A: Surveys can range anywhere from .05 to $150. The truth is that the surveys that pay you a quarter and a dollar are much more plentiful in the online world. The great thing about surveys is you don't have to take any of them. You get an options list. I always have tried to stay away from anything that doesn't at least pay $3. However I have friends that are consistently filling out the quick few question surveys for cents and it adds up if you stay on it.

Q: What is the highest paying survey possible.
A: The most I have ever got paid in one survey I filled out online was $150. This was a three part exercise with multiple components, but these surveys do come around from time to time and will boost your monthly income.